Artists statement

   Artistic expression is at the heart of my being. Whether through graphic design, photography, drawing and painting the drive to create something is always present inside me.

I’ve always liked pairing photos. I’ll match images that are alike in theme and emotion, value or whimsicality or find a juxtaposition between a flower and metal, soft surface and hard surface. Or just tie together a pure color from two different places. I gather material for the reservoir when I travel then I sit down and start looking through the images and that’s when the real fun begins. Because one photo just tells a piece of the story but when you put the two together it completes it.

   In drawing and painting, I strive to capture the energy of the subject be it an animal or a scene. I start the process and somewhere along the way something else takes over and I’m no longer in control of the outcome.

Susannah Sakal

© 2017 all photos and copyright belongs to Susannah Sakal All photos are watermarked